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Which countries will be the major market for the autonomous vehicle by 2030?

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The race to hold the magnificent market of high-tech vehicles cannot be denied. The market is not doubt has been defined as a billion-dollar market.

The major players in the market are Europe, China, and the USA. The market volume of the autonomous vehicle industry in all the three regions together has been estimated at 270.2 billion US dollars by 2030.

The market volume is estimated to be 187.8 billion US dollars in 2025 and 80.2 billion US dollars in 2020.

The expected mile coverage by Autonomous shared vehicle in 2030 is 900 Km and by Autonomous private vehicle is 480 Km in the US as compared to in China it is expected to provide a mileage of 1550 km.

The Autonomous vehicle is a futuristic market with great potentiality in providing opportunities to the industry players who are planning to enter into the automotive industry.

But how far is it going to be profitable across the world is it something questionable? The major dilemma of not just having the market being saturated in just one particular region.

Moreover, in Asia, it can be seen that China is coming forward much faster than any of the contemporary but hopefully the fate is not yielded like the solar energy industry and led to downfall for some new players planning to enter the market.

Somehow the high-tech innovating company is providing an opportunity to create its market or even create its standard and as well its customer. The people who are more regional-oriented and focused more on using the products available in their region can score by penetrating such markets with the tag line made in their own country.

The market is highly valuable with more expectations but how far will it survive the reality and survive, only with time can be known. Right now, let’s just explore and enjoy the present situation and what it is supposed to provide.

Source:- Statista

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