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Do you know the demand of autonomous vehicle in Europe?

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Have you ever wondered that the way automakers are jumping into the new concept and the way reshaping the automobile industry is happening? Is there any demand for such vehicles across the European countries?

As per a survey by PwC and Statista estimates, the rise is high in the demand of the autonomous vehicle on the road across the European countries.

By 2030, around 6 million autonomous shared vehicles are expected to be on road and 6.2 million autonomous private vehicles on road. The demand is high and shows that in 9 years, the European countries will be completely with different vehicle policies and more advanced vehicles will be on the road.

So how about the traditional way of traffic style and parking. Is it going to be the same or will there be any altercations of navigating such routes?

Forecast of Autonomous vehicle

In my opinion, the demand shows the well accepted attitude towards a new concept and also to embrace it in a well-mannered way.   

Source:- Statista.

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