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How about Driverless Street cleaning vehicles in China?

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Driverless vehicles are not getting limited to just driving or package delivery systems. But the start-up owners are finding their way in solving many real issues in the modern 21st century.

The fatal accident or covering the last mile while delivering your products are also gaining importance. But how about keeping your streets clean. Keeping our neighbourhood sanitized with the pressure of not getting enough labour, high labour costs, or failing to mark the standards can become an obsolete issue.

In China, three major companies found their way to navigate the street cleaning issues with less workforce and at a bare minimum cost.

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Autowise.ai, one of the Chinese companies in a joint venture with Swiss cleaning and maintenance vehicle manufacture Boschung, marked the first company to open its own Autonomous Street cleaning services. The company was founded in 2017 with the mission of Smarter Driving Technology, Better Urban life.

The company is expanded mainly in Europe, North America other than its current home country. The core technology used in the autonomous sweeper is perception, mapping and localization, and decision making. The vehicle is integrated with multiple sensors including 16-line lidars, video cameras, and mm-wave radars. The autonomous sweepers achieved 3600 full environment coverage.

The sensors are equipped with an efficient amount of data for the algorithm to act in a smarter-ways. With the help of automatic HD maps, the work conditions are beneficial without GPS signals to sweep smoothly between buildings, in tunnels, and even indoors.

In my opinion, companies find out the best way to use such AVs in street cleaning without hackling much of the traffic signs or rules on the road. The overseas markets are also not easy with different compliances, regulations, and traffic rules.

More than even a profitable market, it’s a wonderful solution to keep your surroundings cleaner and greener. As a helping hand, if AVs can be used in shady areas where it’s difficult to maintain neatness and hard to sustain the work ethic. It can become one of the most efficient and economically sustained solutions for the future generation.

Source:- AutoFutures

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