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How about flying cars to avoid the city traffic?

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Time is the most important thing in the business world. The important dealings and partnerships are shaping the reality of the world. To limit the delays and make your needs to be met fast enough, owing to your cars with luxury or even high speed came into the picture. So what about flying cars?

As the demand to go anywhere faster than what you thought is possible. The demand for cars among the people also increased. It also became a status symbol to own your car. But, how about the traffic. With the rise in population, the demand for a luxurious lifestyle also increased.

Now, you cannot reverse the current timeline, so what are the solutions? Elon Musk with its Boring Company’s innovative concept of allowing vehicles to use the underground route to avoid congestion.

How about an autonomous flying wheel helping your vehicle to fly away to your destination?

That’s what Airbus’s autonomous vehicle concept is:-

Isn’t it cool? Well in the simulation world it does look cool. But in the reality will it be possible for everybody to access or becomes available for a particular segment.

Well, so were the flights. Only meant for a particular group of people but now everybody can afford it for one round trip at least.

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