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What are the forecasted sales of connected cars in worldwide region in 2030?

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So… do you want to buy an AV in 2030?

Do you think your region will survive the economic crisis? And financial up down going through due to the COVID-19? And survive the complete panic created?

As per PwC, Europe, the USA, and China is expecting a boom in the sales of connected cars. Even though the financial graphs are showing something. The industries finding it tough to go through the losses. The change in the industry. And the new type of fuel is not an easy place for companies to survive.

The forecasted scenario of the connected cars.

The forecasted sales analysis of the connected cars in Europe, China, and the USA in 2025 and 2030. The 5-year gap analysis shows that China is leading the market. The sales will be high in China as compared to Europe and the USA over the 5 years timeline. The difference in sales figure is not so much.

If the consumer or the customers are going through job or employment loss. The lack of opportunities and the downfall in income impacts the luxury life opportunities. Or the needs. The desire to be no.1 in your domain is something challenging. And excruciating with the obstacles presented by nature or a pandemic scenario.

In my opinion, the numbers are going to be affected. Not many people will be able to make a switch. Or even think of going to purchase a vehicle until. And unless financial security is achieved in the present year.

The industry is changing and rapidly growing. But how far the financial dilemma will continue. And maintain the hazards and obstacles presented by the world is something not unknown.

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