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How AEB’s consumer market is performing?

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The consumer use of AEB to control emergency braking is high in demand among consumers. The warning for lane departure suffered a lot from considerable disuse due to annoyance in the user where the effectiveness of the technology was suffering a lot.

In typical scenarios, the AEB performance was improved through the need for such designs where it is not affected adversely by being unwantedly activated. Situations like normal driving should not be compromised where unwantedly the sensor got detected.

As per Koglbauer et al. (2018), AEB’s greater reliability comes across a circumstance of the wider array that can increase the driver’s trust who experienced emergency braking events.

The experience was recorded by performing the test, for example, in a simulator study organized by a driver, a high level of trust was reported using AEB where road frictions were adapted rather than conventional brake systems which resulted in initiating brakes. A lower time-to-collision was experienced even by the emergency brake on snowy roads.

Source:- Commercial Vehicle Technology 2018 by Karsten Berns et.al.

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