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How traffic systems can be used intelligently in vehicle management?

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As per, Thomas Tille (Hrsg.) (2018), the automobile industry changed mobility where networking is considered one of the most important elements. Internet and WLAN functions in connected cars are rolling off the assembly line where many new vehicles are streaming their favorite music, sending e-mails, or receiving information related to traffic jams in real-time.

Nonetheless, personal assistants are increasingly becoming more on four wheels with networked drivers in their surroundings to each other.

Car-to-X or Car-to-Infrastructure are the so-called intelligent traffic systems in the future of mobility. The primary focus will be on traffic safety and CO2 reduction. Exchange of information around the corners can avoid the hazards due to accidents, traffic lights communication.

The communication between traffic lights and vehicles is enabled with a traffic light system equipped with special WLAN hotspots and expanding the traffic computer center. The technology is known as V-to-X where V stands for vehicle and X is for different devices.

The situation can be described as, change in the red phase is transmitted from the networked traffic light stored in the cloud, the information is then transmitted to the vehicles. Appropriate instructions are shown by the driver for adapting its driving styles, such as speed reduction before an intersection or fuel-saving or electricity. Speed limits, a temporary notice of construction sites, visual obstructions.

The corresponding data will be received by the networked cars but the data can be sent later into the cloud.

Swarm intelligence can be used in navigation systems that are working already with real-time traffic data. This can help in alerting the subsequent traffic for ending the traffic jam.

Car-to-X is ensured in the long term for better traffic flow and driving with greater comfort. Several pilot projects are involved for better communication between the vehicles for sensible use. The infrastructure in the required cities must be developed first.

Source:- Trends in der Automobil-Sensorik.

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