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What are the examples of In-vehicle Health Monitoring Systems?

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An autonomous vehicle is everything you can think of. The auxiliary components as well as the sensor systems. But what about the In-vehicle monitoring systems available inside the vehicle? Vehicles with different supplement assistant to monitor your health is a highly valuable aid.

The list of health monitoring aid provided inside the vehicles are: –

  1. A car seat developed by the Ford helps to monitor the driver’s heart rate to alert him for an impending heart attack. The company collaborated with the Philips Chair of Medical Information Technology to develop and evaluate a capacitive electrocardiogram measurement system integrated into the driver seat.
  2. GM offers emergency healthcare instruction via OnStar.
  3. A voice-activated technology, known as SYNC, developed by Ford, allows drivers for smartphone application accessibility as well as applications related to healthcare.
  4. In the land of automobiles, in Germany, a collaboration between the Munich Technical University and BMW saw the development of the steering wheel with a built-in sensor to measure heart rate, blood-oxygen level, and blood pressure.

Other than these, some other services involved in the in-vehicle health monitoring systems services are: –

  • Advanced collision notification systems (ACNSs) inside the cars are going through rapid development.
  • An array of sensors to detect the accident-prone locations and notify any emergency services.
  • Another development in ACNSs was used in adjusting the airbag deployment. The task is performed by detecting the driver/occupant weight, wheel distance, and other features to enable the role of such a vehicle.
  • Even providing the emergency room and trauma resources with a platform being created before the actual help arrives.

Source:- In-vehicle technology for self-driving cars

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