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Is the knowledge of the gap challenges automated driving system?

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Even though, we are talking about an autonomous driving system, knowledge of the gap is very vital and it is something very critical to think that can a driverless car sense the importance of a gap during a lane change or in the traffic system.

As per a study conducted by a team from Simeon C. Calvert et al., for automated vehicles, it may be hazardous as the acceptance of a conservative gap can be hazardous as compared to a traditional vehicle with drivers. The problem can arise due to insufficient time or space on the lane which is targeted between vehicles, or a sight that is hindered by a long truck.

Traditional vehicles provide the driver the opportunity to cut through the dynamic movement in traffic conditions. In a short frame of time, it will be very difficult for an automated vehicle to make a quick decision in comparison to a conventional vehicle’s driver who interacts promptly and cut through the traffic to find a suitable gap in dynamic traffic flows.

Well, the advantage of automated vehicles is that they got the ability in behavior anticipation but the ability to cope will always remain an undoubted question.

As the behavior of the automated vehicles is detecting the movement of other vehicles who are moving into the same gap. It can be solved by eradicating the possibility of changing the lane and remain in its original lane or keep to continually assess the movement of another vehicle while going for lane changing maneuver.

Some possible solutions provided for an automated vehicle are:-

  • Slowing down to wait for an acceptable gap.
  • Indicator lights can be used for gap appeal.
  • Only in the worst-case scenario keep on driving on an incorrect route.
  • We need to take time to stop and wait for a gap in case of an unsafe situation.
  • Gap forcing or accepting an unacceptable gap.

But still, there are some pertaining questions related to an automated vehicle that how it should act ideally, and how it is required to intervene in a crucial timely situation.

Source:- Commercial Vehicle Technology

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