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Do you know the market cap of companies in the field of Autonomous vehicles?

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As per a survey by Thomson Reuters and Morgan Stanley, the worth of each of the selected companies are in million US dollars. The survey was conducted in 2018 across the world. The sector is captured by well-known technological companies. The survey result shows the market cap value of the autonomous vehicle.

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In my opinion, it is a good amalgamation of various tech players and leaders from their chosen niched zone but also the best way of analyzing the scenario is the experience and knowledge.

Each company is able to accumulate and present it in the autonomous vehicles market. How there can be an exchange of knowledge and experience among each of the industry players?

Also, Amazon, being the only eCommerce market player being shown interest in the autonomous vehicle market. The mapping company Zenrin is also showing a good amount of market capitalization value.

The mapping industry can also be seen as a new subsidiary and supporting or backend for the high-end autonomous or driverless vehicles.

The companies are able to open the door to a new venture of developing more informative and concise mapping solutions for autonomous vehicle industries.

Source:- Statista.

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