What is Mayflower Autonomous Ship Project?

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The most use of Autonomous projects has been seen on the roads but how about on oceans. It is well known that the ocean has been also an unconquered subject so does the universe. What lies beneath is still unknown and complicated to comprehend?

It has also been seen due to physical limits and restraints, humans have not been able to touch the bottom alive to share complete knowledge or experience.

Mayflower Autonomous Ship project is conducted by marine research organisation ProMare with IBM. The company is both a technological and scientific leading partner to the Ocean research project.

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship uses AI and renewable solar energy for further travel in the ocean. MAS is working together with scientists and other autonomous vessels to provide a flexible and cost-effective platform to understand issues such as climate change, ocean plastic pollution, and marine mammal conservation.

The vision of non-profit marine organisation ProMare is to collect critical data from the ocean, the most challenging environmental situation for the scientist to safeguard the future. The MAS is an autonomous ship without any crew members.

The purpose of the ship is to function 24/7. The project aims to sense, think and make decisions for navigating the oncoming obstacles. The feature of the ship is to adapt and withstand real-time harsh weather environments.

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship is powered by IBM Hybrid Cloud, Edge computing technology, and Artificial Intelligence. It will be under the control of an AI captain in sync with the IBM Cloud.

The marine autonomous systems are promising to transform ocean industries such as shipping, oil & gas, telecommunications, security & defence, fishing & aquaculture.

For more interesting information, watch the video:-

You can also read the IBM case study with a well-elaborated video about the MAS and what are its capabilities:-

Source:- IBMnews

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