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What is the scenario of patents with autonomous vehicle?

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Have you ever wondered about the competition among the company owners to file the patent for such autonomous vehicles to be on the road? Even though risks have been counted but the demand is also high to try out this new venture and be a part of such an experience.

Most autonomous driving patents filed by companies in 2019
Source:- LexisNexis PatentSight

Now you must be wondering what is a patent or how it works?

“A patent family is defined as a group of patent documents all of which have the same set of priorities. I.e., it is a group of patent documents that protect the same invention across authorities.

The owner of a patent includes all patents owned by a company and its subsidiaries (by at least 50%) based on comprehensive research on corporate structures, M&A, Spin-offs, company names changes, patent transactions.

PatentSight also tracks former names of companies and subsidiaries, ongoing mergers and acquisitions, acquisitions of the past, reassignments, companies that have the same applicant, and transliterations by patent offices.”

Source:- Statista (Companies with the most autonomous-driving patents worldwide 2019)

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