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What’s new with Benteler and Beep?

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“Driverless cars will drive us to boredom.” – Unknown

That we cannot say about Benteler and Beep. As the company is moving into a new partnership with “Teddy”. It seems interesting to see a partnership grow for providing services in areas that have not yet been seen as a competitive zone. But provides a unique AV experience for the customers.

One of the ventures by the Mobileye, Benteler EV systems, and Beep was to develop the ‘autonomous movers’. It is scheduled for 2024. The battery-electric vehicles are meant for public and private micro-transit modes.

You can read here for more information about the collaboration.

As per Marco Kollmeier, managing director of Benteler EV Systems, “Autonomous movers are the solution for future public transportation, solving the mobility challenges of increasing urbanisation and emissions.” “These movers need to be robust for 24/7 public or commercial use, at optimized costs, and with excellent riding comfort.”

As per Hinrich Woebcken, advisory board member, Beep, “Multi-passenger micro-transit needs are ever-increasing in our cities and towns globally and must be addressed in order to reduce road congestion, protect the environment and provide safe, reliable mobility for all to access.’

‘Bringing to market an affordable, automotive-grade, electric, autonomous mover is a solution that will transform mobility as we know it today.’

One of the major advantages for the intel company is the access to developing its Autonomous system capabilities for the mass-transportation market.

As per Johann Jungwirth, vice president of mobility-as-a-service, Mobileye, “The full benefits of autonomy can only be reached with scale.”

However, Benteler and Beep are taking their partnership to the next level. As per Beep Boss Joe Moye, “Benteler and Beep are aiming for a particularly fast breakthrough: by focusing on a narrowly defined segment,”

Benteler and Beep are focusing on self-driving minibusses.

Source:- Beep

“We are focusing on the micro-transport business: the first and last mile, i.e. mobility solutions in selected areas,” says Moye.

 “We have reliable routes that the system knows exactly. That’s why our buses can already drive in normal traffic, alongside other cars, bicycles, and pedestrians.”

Currently, Beep launched 19 routes bus with a top speed of 32 Km/hr.

As per Moye, Autonomous driving is probably the most important future technology in the automotive industry. The company is not using the robotaxi model because Mr. Moye thinks “I don’t think Level 4 will see widespread use in the years to come,”

Well, maybe in the future we can see whose personal views got the right prediction. And who survives the AV market. Right at the moment, we can see different partnerships aiming for different ways to explore the AV market.

Beep also points out, “We don’t even want to compete with Uber or Lyft with driverless taxis. After all, these just replace one car with another. We want to revolutionize public transport. Our autonomous buses should take many more cars off the road.”

As per Moye, 250,000 small shuttle buses are available in the USA. The market shows a huge potential growth in the mid-size company from Paderborn.

As told to the Handelsblatt by Benteler Boss Ralf Göttel “Ambitious goals are being pursued in the area of ​​people movers (…).”

“The area has huge potential; we associate it with growth and employment opportunities. In 2024 we would like to bring the first series vehicles onto the market.”

“This is a very large market that we cannot handle on our own.”

Well, as we can see, each collaborator is targeting the areas with less competition and aiming for fewer complications. The experience gained from such collaboration shows the dependencies as well as sharing of the resources and knowledge.

As the collaboration is moving to the next project, it shows the success they are aiming for.

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