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How do BMW and VW want to connect with the Internet?

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The whole phenomenon of the autonomous vehicle is the use of the internet so that continuous interaction happens between the vehicles for a smooth ride.

So, what do you think about the internet provider? Isn’t it a big challenge for automobile companies to equip their vehicle with 24-hour accessibility to internet service? Especially in rural areas.

VW and BMW, the leading car manufacturer are going for a new venture to connect the internet with the satellite.

The auto manufacturers are in close collaboration with Isar Aerospace, the rocket manufacturer, a German consortium. Also, with the Mynaric, a laser communication company, and a satellite manufacturer Reflex Aerospace.

The idea is the ability of uninterrupted satellite service for the internet connection. Mostly in rural areas also.

In my opinion, it’s not just going to a competition on the road but also on the space to have the best possibility of internet connection with satellite services.

As the vehicle knows about the current marketing competition and with new arrivals, it’s tough competition for the manufacturers to attract the majority of the auto consumers. If you can buy a vehicle with uninterrupted internet services, especially in rural areas, the limiting factors will fade off.

It’s going to be an interesting area to experience that what features and accessibilities the prominent automobile manufacturers can provide? And will they retain the top position in the automated or electric car markets with the new bees?

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