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What do you think about Mini Urbanaut?

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As the autonomous vehicle is a sure thing of the future with billions of investments poured into the market. How about the design of the vehicle and a look into the future with a magnificent look from the designers and the visionary concepts?

The technology is providing ample opportunity for designers to come with a new way of approaching the traditional vehicle in different modes and styles. So does BMW expanding its subsidiary unit MINI. The MINI vision Urbanaut is presented with a large versatile interior that can be converted into a small space.

A unique approach has been designed for Mini Urbanaut, Chill, Wanderlust, and Vibe. The vehicle in ‘Chill’ layout is used for relaxation or working on the road, ‘Wanderlust’ layout allows the vehicle to be driven automatically and in ‘Vibe’ the focus is more on spending time with other people together.

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The design is considered to be environmentally friendly and helps in the reduction of the footprint. The front lights are structured to be behind the milled aluminum which is an elongated hole pattern and is visible only when activated.

One more classic feature used is from the BMW’s iX technology carrier, serving as an “intelligence surface” for automated driving in the absence of an internal combustion engine requiring cooling air.

In my opinion, the features are classic and innovative with more pleasure-seeking opportunities and also for long-distance travel.

It is something completely in the segment of Autonomous vehicles with a completely new design selecting a particular class of passenger segment. But how far is it going to be available for everyone with time only it can be seen?

With a new design and features, the vehicle is no doubt a temptation to have it in your garage but the cost will be a major factor. The one thing is its unique concept and completely different approach with three different mottos provides customers with more options to explore and enjoy at the same time.

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