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Can Unimog be a benchmark in an Autonomous vehicle industry?

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A special truck named Unimog U5023 is a vehicle demonstrated by CVC (Commercial Vehicle in off-Road Environments) project, financed by Daimler AG in Wörth, Germany. It is suited especially for projects that are extreme off-road mobility, allows accessing restricted areas to other autonomous systems.

A versatile, multi-purpose vehicle with many degrees of freedom, differential locks, gears, or tire pressure. The Unimog operation is in rear-wheel drive (RWD), all-wheel drive (AWD), rear axis locked (RAL), or all axes locked (AAL) differential mode. In addition to that, eight forward and six rear gears are available. Control of tire pressure is available.

The modes have been predefined and categorized into highway, sand, cross-country, and emergency. It has a capacity to water transit up to 120 cm of water depth and climbing slopes with a 45 degree.  The dimension of U5203 is 6 m in length, 2.48 m in width, and 2.818 m in height. In front and rear, the embarkment angle is 440  and 510 with 300 as ramp angle and 380 as tilt angle.

The launch of Unimog 565 SB was successful extremely with variants specifically developed for the military, agriculture, and leisure use but it was challenged by the protests done massively by the trade unions due to the fear of losing thousands of jobs in driving.

As per Andrej Troha released in Mercedes-fans.de, one of the pioneer company in Autonomous driving vehicle is Mercedes-Benz, wherewith the support from Tsukuba, a Japanese engineering company, launched its very first autonomous driving vehicle in 1977.

Source:- Commercial Vehicle Technology by Karsten Berns and et al.

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