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What action was taken towards autonomous vehicles?

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As we can see that autonomous vehicle is not a traditional car with a drive but a concept which is just trying to remodify what we know but showing the possibility on what scale engineering craft can be achieved. A vehicle completely designed with various supportive components and sensors with a proper channel of communication to incorporate an in control navigation is something beyond any imagination to comprehend.

However, to accept such a change where direct interaction with the outer world on the road is taking place is something that needs to rethink with new rules for safety on both ends.

The House of Representatives passed a bill in September 2017 that allowed the car manufacturers to sell 25,000 cars even though the safety standards are not met by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. But the cap was allowed to rise the number by four years and letting it reach 275,000 autonomous vehicles by year-end.

After the passed bill in 2017, Jeep Grand Cherokee, an experimental autonomous car was announced that it was able to master the steady traffic but unpredictable situations struggled. Grass or street litter triggered one of the Jeep’s censors where it slammed to break a few hundred yards.

Advancement in the technological field always needs to be embraced positively as it often bridges the gap and provides a better channel to mitigate the forthcoming obstacles. The human race is an evolutionary species, with time and change it needs to evolve and come out with a better solution for a mass. I believe innovations and ideas are a better way to channel the path for better light in the future.

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