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What role Uber is playing in Autonomous car?

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It’s not just the big tech giant but also companies like Uber that are testing their hands and trying to acquire knowledge in Autonomous cars.

The concept of using car sharing and ride sharing proves to be successful where a lot of people got the opportunity to be self-sufficient, independent, and make a livelihood for themselves to meet their survival needs.

In 2016, a new advanced technology center was established in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where the aim was to have safe, reliable transportation for everyone and started the testing of autonomous vehicles. The streets of Pittsburgh were used for testing live passengers with an ancillary human driver. The market is estimated to be huge with the capability of generating billions of revenues.

The business model of Uber also can be seen where they just don’t want to rely only on traditional cars but also venturing out with new possibilities and innovations to give customers a different experience of their services.

As companies like Uber and Ola have already marked their niche in car-sharing services, embedding new concepts also shows their approach towards new ideas and not just being confined to one domain.

The possibility of exploring a new concept also shows that customers will be delighted with new advanced technology which is worth venturing out. International automakers such as Volvo, Nissan, Volkswagen, Audi, Tesla, and Ford are some potential players who are exploring such rapidly innovative technology.

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