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1.15 million public EV charging stations in China

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As per the latest reports by Statista, China got 65% of all public charge stations available worldwide.

Out of 1.15 million public EV charging stations, 677,000 stations are slow-charging ones and 470,000 are fast-charging ones.

Thereby 41% of the stations in china are fast-charging which is comparatively much higher than in the rest of the world.

As per the Statista data, the US got only 113,527 charging stations, out of which 21752 are fast charging stations. Hence, 81% of the stations got slow charging capability.

In South Korea, 106, 701 public charging stations are available.

The Netherlands is number 4 in Europe with the most public charging stations, 85,453 stations. France is with 54,260 stations, Germany has 50,972, and the UK with 36,984 charging stations.

Norway got 19,278 charging stations with 35% of the public EV charging stations got the fast-charging capability.

However, we have to know the population demand in China is much more than in any of the European or Scandinavian countries. China is one of the most highly populated countries, and the demand for the number of charging stations is no doubt going to be much higher in China than in the rest of the world.

Even Geographically, China is spread out as compared to the European or Scandinavian countries.

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