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What’s new with ADS-TEC Energy?

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ChargePost debuted by ADS-Tec Energy is a compact battery-based EV charging system to enable ultra-fast charging without any need for extending the existing grid.

What is ChargePost?

It is an all-in-one design that is integrated with battery, electronics, cooling system, and charger in a compact container. ADS-TEC Energy requires only 21.5 square feet of ground space.

The uncooled CCS1/CCS2 connector in the integrated charging cable is 3 meters long. The touchscreen interface is a 10-inch module with an “easy-to-use” payment terminal. The chargers are also equipped with options for video advertising displays on each side panel.

ChargePost from the first half of 2023 onwards can feed stored energy back into the grid. They can also be paired with the solar system.

Why ChargePost?

ChargePost is 100% made in Germany. They are equipped with two charging points with drivers up to 300 kW DC power with one charging point and 150 kW with two charging points at the same time.

The battery capacity is configurable with 143 or 201 kWh and each battery module can be swapped to increase the charger’s longevity.

As per ADS-TEC, only 5 minutes of charging is needed at ChargePost for more than 100 km drive. The ChargePost can also be set up quickly with a forklift and the installation is just plug-and-play. It is also a battery base and can be connected directly to any existing, power-limited, low-voltage grid.

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