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What are the advantages of the conductivity tests as compare to capacitance test?

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In electric vehicles, testing can be done with different methods such as conductivity tests and capacitance tests. However, the conductivity test prove to hold the upper hand in the test due to the following reasons:-

  • Fast- In few seconds per cell/block.
  • Safe- The battery remains fully functional in the fault event.
  • Cost-effective- Replacement for critical blocks.
  • Measurement can be carried out in online mode with charge connected.
  • Non-reactive- service life is not reduced; the measurement result corresponds to the actual condition of the battery after the measurement.
  • The heating of the battery compartment is not possible.
  • Explosion danger is not there due to sparking or high discharge currents.
  • Transport is not of heavy load resistances.
  • Energy costs and time loss is not possible for recharging.
  • A handy and battery-operated measuring device is used with a data memory.

Source:- Elektrotechnik.vogel

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