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Which alternative drive in Germany is in demand?

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As the world knows about the German’s history in the automobile industry and their pride in battling and competing among the brands. Even the Formula 1 race being dominated by one of the ex-German players. The alternative drive is in demand in Germany,

How far is it going to remain in the same direction and will it change with the changing time of revolutionizing history?

The alternative drive becomes the latest trend, with Elon Musk’s ambitious concept of revolutionizing the world into a futuristic concept.

Little do we know what the future holds and how much the established industry in some part of the country will sustain? The survival is often depending on being accepting the change and evolve from what we were.

The journey is often marked from traditional horse carriage to steam engine and now customized to be running on batteries.

Comparison of registration of alternative drive.

In Germany, the comparison between 2019 and 2020, it has been notified that Hybrid vehicle has been in demand as compared to a pure electric vehicle.

The reason can be observed due to the limited availability of the charging station. As the dependency is being turned and moved from petroleum or fuel-based vehicle.

More independencies can be observed by a new manufacturer to even venture into the auto industry, just by focusing on their domestic market.

Often with meeting the domestic market needs, it provides a market for new exploration with new innovative ideas.

Source:- KBA; Statista.

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