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What is important in an Automobile industry?

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An overview of the development happening in the automobile industry all over the world. The development is heavily dependent on the market needs and the invisible hand operating in order to understand the market need and how it is shaping the market demand?

For example, due to the acceptance in the USA or Japan, gasoline engines that are based on Hybrid drives don’t show an advantage over modern Diesel engines.  Even in the European driving cycle, it proved to be a disadvantage for the motorways.

It is also noticed that the diesel hybrid is not considered as an improvement even though they got similar torque characteristics to diesel and electric motors. In diesel engines, double supercharging i.e. the compressor with electric motor drive and turbo supercharging appears to be advantageous technically and economically.

The small electric drive motor is however considered to be interesting due to the emission-free operation in small city center trips. A true renaissance is experienced by the fuel cell with hydrogen and also with Battery.

Thereby it shows that in order to install the propulsion or energy system management on board does not bring a lack of concepts or uncertainty in order to adapt to the distinction in future automobiles technically and economically.

The following requirements are important: –

  • Intended energy sources are available.
  • The respective energy conversions are influenced ecologically.
  • The feasibility in a technical field, expressed in complexity in technical terms, dimensions, costs, mass, safety, or infrastructure which is required.

Source:- Alternative Antriebe für Automobile by Cornel Stan.

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