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How conductance measurement is recognized by various organizations?

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The conductivity measurement is a result of the technical development, described with more than 15 patents. This is used worldwide where the method is primarily used in telecommunications companies. Procedural instructions have been developed in a large number by various companies for implementing practical applications.

Technical organizations have defined such technical terms where the conductance measurement has been described in the following ways: –

  • IEEE Standards — 1187, 1188, 450 and 484
  • ANSI T1-330 (American National Standards Institute)
  • EPRI (Electrical Power Research Group) — Guide for Testing Stationary Batteries
  • International Telecommunications Energy Conference, since 1992
  • International Led Zinc Research Organization
  • Battery Council International
  • Description in the draft IEC 21/455/CD of 1998

The handheld testers of the Celltron series from Midtronics have mentioned the above requirements. String testing provided that the device does not need any operation further. In the device, measured values are stored.

Source: — Elektrotechnik.vogel

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