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What are the controversies surrounding Li-ion battery production?

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The types of controversies surrounding the production and use of lithium-ion batteries are:

  1. Environmental impact: The production of lithium-ion batteries has a significant environmental impact, such as pollution from mining, processing, and transportation of raw materials. Also, the disposal of used batteries can pose serious environmental risks if it is not done properly.
  2. Human rights concerns: the use of child labor and unsafe working conditions in the production of raw materials for lithium-ion batteries, mainly in countries such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The reports of human rights abuses in the supply chain of companies that manufacture and use lithium-ion batteries
  3. Conflict minerals: The key raw materials used in Li-ion batteries, such as cobalt, are considered “conflict minerals” because they are mined from regions where armed conflict and human rights abuses are prevalent.
  4. Resource depletion: The increasing demand is leading to rising concerns over the depletion of natural resources, particularly rare earth minerals.

Even though practical steps are taken to address the rising controversies through responsible sourcing practices, cleaner production processes, and recycling of used batteries.

Source: Euronews, BBC, wired, nytimes

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