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How is the E-Rickshaw market in India?

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Is the E-Rickshaw market booming in India? The battery-operated rickshaws are covering the gap in the last-mile ride. The sector is widely operated by petrol or diesel duel rickshaws. And India, Rickshaws or Autos plays a significant role in covering the short distance more quickly.

An electrically operating battery rickshaw can uplift the market sector in a sustainable as well as impactful way. The market attracted a variety of companies to launch their strong, sustainable, and powerful e-battery rickshaws.

Greaves electric mobility is the e-mobility hand under Greaves Cotton limited. Greaves acquired the Bestway Agencies Pvt.Ltd and launched its e-Rickshaw under the brand ELE. The company is headquartered in Mumbai and was founded in 2013. They are in the market for the last 8 years. The company is also focusing on women’s empowerment and being independent E-Rickshaw drivers.

The exclusive battery partner for Greaves is Leader, Eastman, and Trontek. Greaves is also the partner for battery tech company Mesha Energy solutions (an energy storage technology company, wholly-owned subsidiary of the US-based Mesha Inc.) They also acquired 26% of MLR Auto Ltd. In the E3W segment.

As per the company statement, “With significant quarter on quarter growth, owing to the increase in petrol prices and people seeking it as a form of livelihood, Greaves has experienced much appreciation from customers & channel partners after adding ELE to their family. As per declared results, ELE E-rickshaws have seen tremendous growth over last year”

Ampere is also under the banner of Greaves e-mobility to launch their E2W. They have launched 3 models Magnus EX, Magnus, and Reo Plus. It has got a Remote keyless entry with an Anti-theft alarm and a combined braking system. In 10 seconds, the e-scooter can reach 0 to 40 mph with a powerful hub motor.

City Green Auto, company falls originally under PVR Petro Chemical Private limited. They are one of the leading manufacturers of Battery operated E-Rickshaw. The company got established in 2013 and its CEO is Mr.Aman Garg. The company is headquartered in Delhi.

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Bhoothnath motors are based in Kolkata, India. Why should you go for their E-Rickshaw, watch the video (in Hindi),


As it clearly shows the battery-operated vehicle need not be only in luxury but also in small 3W or 2W vehicles also. It is competitive, everybody is trying out their new product providing every kind of extra feature as well as add-ons. The quality and the durability got the major focus.

The customers can see the benefits of such a dealership. The partnerships between battery storage power plants and e-vehicles provide the basic benefits of meeting the need. As the market is growing, the consumer will get to experience more such new products with much more features.

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