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What is an e-transporter?

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Well, the e-vehicle concept is not limited to different sorts of vehicles or vans, bikes. But expanding to the daily transport system. It can be used as a daily cargo transporting vehicle.

One of the electric vehicle manufacturers, Elaris partnered with Asiastar to launch its first aerodynamic designed e-transporter. The company is operating in various locations in Austria and Germany.

The van is designed with a roof panel to carry 7 to 24 people as the customers. The range of the e-vehicle is decided up to 450Km and the fast charging is possible at 150KW.


The vehicle is equipped with electric rear-view mirrors. The additional components are heaters, indicators, multifunctional steering wheel, and cockpit air conditioning.

Safety has been one of the crucial factors to be taken care of. To meet the safety needs, it is equipped with an automatic emergency braking system, lane warning system, tire pressure monitoring, reversing camera, and parking aid.

With the success of the Elaris Caro, the company will be launching a high-performance LCV model in various sectors. The company is also in plans to launch a smaller version of the transporter.

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