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Which are the top 5 electric motorcycles and scooters in India?

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The top 5 upcoming electric bikes and scooters in India are:-

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  • Ultraviolette F77: Its maximum battery capacity is 4.2 kWh. It is designed with a 10th Gen battery management system. With a 1kW standard charger, 5 hours of charging time are needed and a 3 kW portable charger for a fast 1.5 hours. The top speed is 147 kmph. The range is 130-150 km/charge. The price of the vehicle is Rs.3,00,000. The acceleration is 0-60 kmph in 2.9 seconds.
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Source: bikedekho
  • Bajaj electric scooter: The range is 95 km/charge. The battery can be recharged 100% in 5 hours. In 60 minutes, it can be recharged up to 25%. The battery warranty is 70,000 km or 7 years. The motor power is 4080 W. The top speed is 63 kmph. The drive type is a hub motor. The battery capacity is 2.9 kWh.
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  • Hero MotoCorp Electric Scooter: The range is 85 km/charge. The top speed is 25 kmph. It is a hub motor drive type. The charging time is 4-5 hours. The battery capacity is 51.2 V/30 Ah. It got 3 years warranty. The cost is Rs. 59,640.
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  • Hop OXO: It is a Jaipur-based EV manufacturer. The company is expected to launch its indigenous hyper-speed motorcycle soon. The bike is launched with a range of 130-150 km on a single charge. In 10 seconds it can reach 80/90 kmph. The top speed is 100km/hr and 100 km per charge.
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Source: bikedekho

My favorite is Ultraviolette F77. Let’s see how well it performs in the long run and whether it sustains the race of competition.

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