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Who are the top 10 electric cars in China?

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The Asian countries have been always the demand market for the production of materials and equipment at an economically controlled price. China has been the favorite choice for manufacturers from western countries. The huge skilled laborers with fewer political hazards and ample opportunities for the Westerners to grow their manufacturing and production plant. The initial cost is in control.

However, the present scenario shows that the advancement of a new type of vehicle such as electric or Autonomous is giving a run for the established players from the western countries. Be it Europe or the USA.

The top 10 electric cars in China are:-

  1. Zeek 001– The most luxurious electric car. The technical specifications are- Range is 308MI (490 Km), SEA platform, Dual-motor AWD, 536 HP (400KW), 516LB-FT (700 NM), 86/100 KWH Battery, 0-60 in 3.8 sec, and charges at 360 KW.
  2. Xpeng P5– It has been launched at an estimated $31,000. The technical specifications are- Range is 260MI (420 Km), compact SEDAN, RWD/AWD, XPILOT 3.5, 60-80.9 kWh battery, and 32 sensors including  2LIDARS.
  3. MG Marvel R Electric– It has been launched for $48,000. The range is 220/205 MI (352/328 KM), 2-Motor RWD/TRI-Motor AWD, 0-62 in 4.9 sec, 180/288 HPP (132/212) KW, 302/490 LB-FT (410/665 NM), 19.4-inch touchscreen.
  4. Human Horizons HiPhi X– It has been launched for $103,000. The range is 285 MI (450 Km), 272/536 HP, 562 sensors with level 3-4 autonomy and 50-inch infotainment, 5G- ready vehicle-to-x communication.
  5. BYD Han– It has been launched at $32,800+. The range is 244 MI (390 Km), RWD/AWD, 222/487 HP/ Battery : 77KWH, 0-80 charge in 25 minutes,  0-62 in  3.9 secs,  15.6 inch Infotainment.
  6. Nio ET7– It has been launched at $69,000-$81,780+. The range is 440 MI (770 Km), Dual- Motor, 653 HP (480 KW), 0-60 in 3.9 sec, 624 LB-FT (846 NM), 3 Battery sizes, 10.2/ 12.8 inch DASH-Display.
  7. MG Cyberster– It is owned by the Chinese Sac Group. The price is not yet known. The range is 350 MI (560 km), 0-60 in 3 sec, “Zero Gravity” seats with 5G connectivity for interactive gaming cockpit with GAMEPAD-Style steering wheel.
  8. BYD EA!- It has been launched for $23,200. The technical specification is 220MI (350 Km), Full- LED lights,  95HP (70 KW), 800V Battery system. The range is 93 MI (150 Km), charge: 5Min/ 0-60 in 5sec.
  9. Xpeng P7 and P7 Wing  Limited Edition– It has been launched for $37,000 to $68,000. The range is 210- 312 Miles (340 to 500 Km),  60/71/81 KWH Battery, RWD/AWD, XPILOT 3.0, 3 TRIMS + Wing edition with scissor doors, Bluetooth, and NFC Digital Key.
  10. BYD Tang EV– It has been launched at $70,000. The technical specifications are 222MI (355 km), 1/2 E-Motors, FWD/AWD, 245/490 HP (180/360 KW), 244/487 LB-FT (330-660 NM), 86.4 KWH Battery with 12.8-inch infotainment.

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