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How does temperature affect the performance of electric vehicles?

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It is shocking though, a concern that was less in conventional cars has become a prime factor to deal with electric vehicles.

A study was conducted to better understand the correlation between temperature and the range of 4,200 electric vehicles. In the experiment, around 5.2 million trips were conducted for the vehicle under different manufacturers or even the vehicle under the different year of manufacturer.

The finding showed a significantly strong impact on the performance of the electric car’s batteries. An increasing effect was seen in the consumption and hence covering less travel distance. The heating or the overloading results in a great impact on the electric vehicle range.

The performance of the lithium batteries is affected at a lower temperature resulting in being more inactive. But the vehicle range is not impacted in a higher way compared to high-temperature effects. The experiment shows the performance of an electric vehicle covering only 217 km compared to 402km at -150 C.

The optimal temperature at which electric vehicles work is 21.50C. In a normal scenario for an average battery with 60kWh power, the battery would deplete in 12 hours without driving a meter. It has been stated, there is no drastic effect due to overheating but a great impact on the range.

The problem has been addressed with certain solutions such as before driving the e-car, getting it to the normal working temperature. Not exposing the e-car to extreme temperature but letting it be parked in the garage or shades on hot days.

The countries with adverse hot or cold temperatures can let the e-car connect to grids while not used to drive. It means maintaining the battery temperature rather than charging up the vehicles.

It has also been advised for e-car drivers to drive smoothly than using more acceleration or brake. The life of the vehicle is much longer. To recover the much energy, a recuperation brake should be used more in the deacceleration period.

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