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Why are Dutch and Swiss people interested in buying electric vehicles?

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Are they interested in EVs?

The society of Dutch and Swiss people is one of the most modern countries in the world. The countries are advanced with high technology. The technological landscape supports the natural resources as well as finding high-tech ways to navigate across the countries.

The handling of the waste or renewable energy sources or water treatment. The connected dams or the bridges present in cities of the Netherland and Switzerland thoroughly showcase a well-connected country. These are some of the most advanced and developed solutions used in the Netherland and Switzerland.

One of the most stable economies with a low rate of unemployment or people suffering to get necessities. A country is known for its clean roads and safe for the females to be on the street on their own even in night time sure need some more futuristic environment for their growth.

The country fully supports the electric vehicle for its promise to be in adherence with sustainable and pollution-free environmentally friendly solutions.

In a survey by ANWB, around 19% of the Dutch people are ready to purchase an electric vehicle with a budget of 5000 Euros in 2018. Whereas 14% of the Dutch people are interested to spend more than 20,000 Euros on electric vehicles.

If we compare the opinions by the Dutch and Swiss people to buy electric people are:-

Main reasons to buy EVs in the Netherlands in 2019.
Leading reasons to buy EVs in Switzerland

The reasons show that people are responsible to buy environmentally friendly things. They do think about the cost and play an important thing. The people are futuristic and interested to invest in products that are reasonable for future purposes.

If we compare the opinions against buying EVs by Dutch and Swiss people are:-

Leading reasons not to purchase EVs in the Netherlands
Leading reasons not to purchase EVs in Switzerland

The high cost and less number of charging stations are major reasons for the obstacles of EVs on the road of Dutch and Swiss people.

In my opinion, the technology-savvy countries can counter the reasons for EVs to be an obstacle for the Dutch and Swiss people. However, with the current situation of high oil prices and the uncertainty of war, EVs can be a better solution for daily uses.

Source:- Statista

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