Is shared mobility becoming popular in European countries?

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As per the recent studies by Free Now,  “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) has one of the greatest potentials for reducing emissions in the mobility sector. The increase in shared mobility can result in reducing emissions by 54%.

It shows mobility platforms can contribute in a big way to achieving the current climate targets. Also, Generation Z is mostly popular with shared mobility options.

According to a survey by Free Now, Germans are increasingly willing to regularly switch to alternative and more sustainable means of transport. 67% of Germans are relying on new mobility services to be booked via the app, such as e-scooters, e-bikes, e-mopeds, or car sharing.

Alexander Mönch, Head of Free Now Germany said, “Mobility platforms can make a major contribution to car-free zones in city centres as well as to climate neutrality in general. Users are increasingly recognizing the advantages of shared mobility options, for example when it comes to reducing the general need for parking spaces in our cities,”

“By collaborating with our partners, we are intelligently balancing vehicle supply and demand, thus increasing the efficiency of urban mobility. We will be the first mobility platform to offer locally emission-free mobility in all key European markets by 2030.”

According to the company, “The number of trips with electric vehicles increased by almost 153 percent in Germany compared to 2021. Lisbon and Hamburg were the cities with the highest volume of e-tours on the platform this year. Overall, Free Now has significantly reduced emissions by switching to electric mobility and has directly saved CO2 emissions since 2019, which correspond to about 105,600 beech trees”.

Free Now is a mobility service provider company. It was founded in 2019 from a joint venture between BMW Group and Mercedes-Benz Group. It was headquartered in Hamburg. Kapten is a subsidiary of Free Now.

Source:- Free Now

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