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What are the future prospects of electric cars ?

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If you are going through the latest trend, electric cars got their maximum momentum where it’s been launched and introduced on the market constantly. The devotion has been seen serious from German manufacturers where the attention is been given to the development of purely electric vehicles.

More and more Car-sharing providers are also using pure electric vehicles in their rental fleet business models.

Electric cars are been used more technically and are suitable for everyday purposes. From 120 to over 500- kilometer range has been covered by most of the electric vehicles which are sufficient for everyday purposes.

Different studies conducted over a period of time show that 80 percent of all drivers are able to cope with different ranges of current electric cars without any restrictions. Most of the time, charging is done at home or work and a nationwide public infrastructure is expected to be constructed by 2020.

In the future

If you go by various studies and future trends, electric cars look convincing enough to take a firm place in road traffic. European network with a comprehensive approach makes it possible for electric cars to travel a distance longer than usual without any problems.

The wireless energy transfer which is inductive charging can make charging electric cars to be more convenient in the future. The energy is transmitted by magnetic coils or on the ground to a receiver in the vehicle which charges the battery with more efficiency.

In battery research, further progress is made and the scale of economies in vehicle production will result soon in lowering the production costs significantly with an increased interest in electromobility among manufacturers. Due to the low entry-level prices, maintenance and servicing cost is lowered and a wide range of models of an electric car is becoming soon enough to be a serious competitor to vehicles with combustion engines.

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