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Which are the forthcoming top 5 futuristic gas stations in the world?

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Well, as the vehicle market and charging ways are revolutionizing the market. Why not the gas stations? Let’s look at the most excellent top 5 futuristic gas stations across the world:-

  • An e-car charging station is different when it comes to waiting for your vehicle to charge up. The fast one also needs several minutes of your time to charge your vehicle.
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Source: Electric Autonomy Canada

In a Canadian design competition, a Scottish design with attached playgrounds, art exhibitions, barbeque areas, and a Zen garden while you relax for your e-cars getting charged. Well, you will not lose anything if you also go for the slow charging.

  • In Germany, charging stations on the roadside or at freeway service stations are dominated by socket pedestals.
gas stations
Source: Volkswagen

But the trend is for large charging parks with dozens of connections. So as per Linda Boll from Dutch charging station operator Fastned, “ The design of our charging stations is important because it makes it quick and easy to find the next refueling point.”

  • In 2021, Fastned with Tesla and Pivot opened up a large e-charging station in Oxford, one of the largest in the UK for fast charging.
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Source: Fastned

It uses a 10 MW cable with 26 fast charging stations from various operators with 300 KW of power at the start. It may recharge 400 km of range in 20 minutes. The facilities are with coffee, at an affiliated restaurant, toilet use, or surfing the internet.

  • By 2020,  the Seed & Greet fast-charging park at Hildener Kreuz at Autobahn 3 in Germany, is planning to offer 40 Tesla Superchargers, 22 Fastned columns, and 52 AC charging points.

Source: Tesvolt

The regional founder is Roland Schüren, a baker who relied on e-cars for the early car fleet in his initial stage. It provides facilities with drinks, rolls as well as freshly baked pizza. The plan also includes a greenhouse and an office building.

  • The VW subsidiary in the USA is electrifying the network systems to compensate for the diesel fraud. It is based on a classic filling station layout and design with more quality of stay. The solar cell roof protects from the harsh heat.
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Source: Volkswagen

With a proper lights system and security camera with a cup of coffee to pass the time. The parks are placed inside the cities also or in the shopping malls. In the USA, you can use the valet system if you don’t want to charge your car.

So, what do you think about it? Are you interested? Or do you want to see more variety? Do you have any favourites of yours?

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