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What is a higher-level load management?

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Phoenix contact is provided with a standard in the charging controllers where high-performance load management is defined with the charging controls that are installed in the charging stations to allow the modified charging current during the charging process.

The charging process calculation is independent of location and power supply. One of the common requirements is to integrate a charging point which depends on the degree of networking in the charging stations where the billing system is either individual or it is with higher-level management software.

As a stand-alone charging station, the operation is possible when the charging control is integrated into the billing systems. Open-Charge-Point-Protocol has been established, where the parameter is contained in the protocol, necessary in the charging process like authentication, status, energy values. Once, the charging control system got OCPP (Open-Charge-Point-Protocol) interface then each charging station got a billing system connection.

Multistoried car parks and parking lots got charging points where load management is described as integration into an accounting system that can be carried out via the management software. The Phoenix Contact is with the EV charging suite helping the operation of charging stations and charging parks to be improved significantly. The local network of charging stations is provided with an EV charging suite with a connection for every charging controller. This results in controlling the entire network of the suite.

In regard to an efficient billing system, the charging suite has been considered as a sensible investment where it can act as the only connection. The connection to a billing system has been set up by many common installations via the billing system providers where each connection incurs ongoing monthly costs. The charging suite provides an opportunity to combine several charging points where the running costs are reduced.

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