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What is the story of Ideanomics?

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Ideanomics was founded in 2004 by Shane McMahon as China Broadband. It is headquartered in New York.

Ideanomics is an electric mobility company focused on driving the adoption of electric commercial vehicles and associated sustainable energy consumption.

The company got 5 subsidiaries- VIA Motors, Solectrac, Treeletrik, Wave, and US Hybrid. They are a member of CALSTART, a national non-profit organization focused on accelerating clean transportation.

The expertise of CALSTART in providing early adopters with leadership, connections, and funding for accelerating the game-changing technologies deployment.

In October, the company announced its new vehicle assembly line at the Solectrac Windsor facility which is fully operational and effectively tripling the production capacity of the e25 electric tractor.

“When Ideanomics acquired Solectrac, we committed to growing Solectrac’s production capacity and product offerings,” said Robin Mackie, Ideanomics Mobility president. “In less than one year, we efficiently increased production capacity by 300% and are now selling Solectrac tractors coast to coast across the United States through our rapidly expanding dealer showroom program. This is a remarkable accomplishment for any player in the EV space.”

The facility is opened in Windsor, California with a capacity to produce 4,100 electric tractors annually. The tractor model e25 is working with a battery capacity of 22kWh.

“In 2023, Ideanomics expects to commence assembly of the e70N tractor at the Windsor and Denton facilities, as well as introduce new models to the market.”

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