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Is Asia dominating the manufacturing of E-batteries?

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Lithium-ion cells are however dominated the high voltage batteries for e-models or e-cars. Be it pure electric vehicles, hybrid or plug-in hybrid, batteries, and powerful cells are equipped with e-cars for a better-added value regardless of its variation.

However, until now the major manufacturing unit for these battery cells is in Asia. China, South Korea, or Japan are the major suppliers for the present battery cells for all-electric models such as VW ID.3, BMW i3, Mercedes EQC, Porsche Taycan (electric sports car), e-Smart, or electric Corsa from Opel.

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Companies such as CATL, BYD, and Wanxiang Group from China, LG Chem, Samsung and SK innovation from South Korea and giants like Panasonic from Japan are dominating the cell technology market in Asia. Panasonic, being the trusted companion for Tesla in e-batteries. EU managed only 1 percent of the market share in the manufacturing of E-batteries.

In my opinion, the establishment in Asian countries is already well-excelled players in the electrical or in the electronics market. The manufacturing of E-batteries in your home market also somehow helps to cut down the import taxes and creates a market of your own with excelled skill level in your chosen area.

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