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How is Lexus 300e handling the battery cell heat?

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In the present age, every youngster or electronic consumer knows the problem of over-heating of batteries in smartphones, laptops, or other small electronic devices. The excessive heat after a certain stage does affect the performance of the electronic equipment.

The same is the case in EVs. However, the obstacles were addressed by Lexus engineers by developing air cooling systems for the battery cells. The features are present in the all-electric premium crossover Lexus UX 300e. The combined consumption power is 17.1 to 16.8 kWh/100 km.

The system designed is way lighter and safer than the water-cooled systems. It solves the air conditioning features. Hence dual features with one air cooling system. The cooling system is efficient and the battery performance is also stable with high-speed performance and repeated charging ability.

The battery performance is also affected by the cold temperatures, to counteract the issues, each battery module in the UX 300e is fitted with the heating element. In colder countries where the winter is harsh, the features neutralize such climatic effects and support full battery power from the start.

Lexus 300e
Source:- @Lexus

The sealed battery pack is circulated with the cooled air. The rubber seals are used to protect against water, dust, and elements. The charging time is reduced to 8 hours and 15 minutes from 25 hours without a heating system. The charging speed of the Lexus UX 300e is improved with improved interior comfort.

In my opinion, the minute details being identified added value to new designing and comfort concepts. It is no doubt with the latest technology and features, all the vehicles with be equipped with sensors and other advanced auxiliary equipment. How about the features of maintaining the durability of the batteries?

Each car manufacturers showcase their knowledge, talent, and area of expertise through their final product. The handling of the obstacle of such new tech electrified vehicles also shows the attitude to overcome such challenges with newfound solutions.

Source:- Elektroniknet

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