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What do we know about lightning eMotors?

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Lightning eMotors is an American company specializing in manufacturing and converting commercial electric vehicles (EVs). The company is based in Loveland, Colorado, and has been operating since 2008. Electric vans, trucks, and shuttle buses are some of the areas the company is focused on for commercial and fleet applications.

The product range of Lightning eMotors is:

  • Electric Vans: It includes models like the Ford Transit, Ford E-450, and Chevrolet Express. Electric vans are meant for various applications, such as cargo delivery, passenger transportation, and shuttle services.
  • Electric Trucks: It converts class 3 to class 7 trucks into electric models and offers electric truck solutions for various industries, including utility, construction, and delivery.
  • Electric Shuttle Buses: Conversion of shuttle buses into fully electric models meant for transportation services, hospitality, and campuses.

The company provides customized electric vehicle solutions for specific customer requirements. It offers integration options for battery systems, charging infrastructure, telematics, and more.

The company also provides charging infrastructure solutions for their customers, such as charging systems, energy management solutions, and consultation services for helping the organization transition to electric mobility.

The vehicles are meant for commercial and fleet applications, such as delivery and logistics, passenger transportation, utility services, hospitality, and more. The company is in partnerships with various partners, such as OEMs, technology providers, and fleet management companies, to enhance electric vehicle offerings.

Lightning eMotors is in contract with Macnab EV to deliver 126 electric vehicles to the Canadian commercial vehicle distributor by the end of 2023. The order includes ZEV3 cargo and passenger van configurations and ZEV4 shuttle buses.

The company also announced the completion of its chassis for commercial EVs and a manufacturing deal with General Motors.

As per Matthew Bannon, president of Macnab EV Sales Corp., “Lightning was a pleasure to work with through our evaluation process.” “We are confident in our choice and look forward to deploying these vehicles at a variety of locations across Canada.”

Source: Macnab EV Sales Corporation, electrive

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