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Why is Location intelligence technology important in EVs?

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Location intelligence technology provides the rider’s information about the distance needed for the journey with the type of EVs they are having.

The data is of utmost importance for the city planners and the charging station operator to decide on the placement of the EV charging stations across the city.

It is calculated “ by taking into account the actual distance traveled on known roads and compiled and matched against the actual range the EV can go”.

Location technology is also considered safe and sustainable. It helps the riders to navigate the difficulties in the urban center to avoid any hazards and consider safety measures. It also supports them to avoid construction, traffic, and potholes for oblivious drivers and distracting pedestrians.

“ Hero electric, one of India’s leading electric scooter companies, has announced that it will deliver 4,000 vehicles by FY 2022-2023 in partnership with the last-mile delivery segment in the country to go electric. Hence, by marrying green mobility options with location intelligence, cities can combat traffic congestion and pollution-induced issues.”

According to McKinsey, “80% of the world’s vehicle sales are expected to be electric by 2050, From growing  regulatory moves, including phasing out sales of new ICE vehicles, rising fuel prices, changing consumer behaviour, and ongoing improvements in battery and charging technology, we can expect the two-wheeler industry to be increasingly electric.”

It is considered that location intelligence will play a crucial role to increase the growth of two-wheelers for riders.

Source:- evtechnews, McKinsey

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