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How to use electricity for the PHEV?

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What are the ways PHEVs can be charged up in the US? One of the expensive vehicles than the conventional vehicle. But cost saving in the electrical energy front. So what are the different ways of charging electric vehicles on the road?

  • In the USA, the PHEVs (Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Vehicle) are needed to be charged with the power grid from the utility industry. Over the period, it has been estimated by an electric power research institute (EPRI) that 1 million PHEVs can be plugged into the US grid.
  • Other ways of electricity generation are possible via nuclear and renewables such as hydroelectric, wind, photovoltaic, and ocean waves.
  • The coal-fired power plants are more advantageous than the petroleum reserves because of more coal reserves.

Renewable energy resources to charge PHEVs have been significantly attracted to importance due to their impact to reduce the total emissions. Also to move the emission sources away from urban areas or densely populated locations.

It is a major goal for most of the developed countries, that the electrical energy used for PHEVs should be more in terms of economical and is feasible in the long-term prospects. Renewable energy sources are a major target.

No doubt, PHEVs are going to be initially expensive for the owners compared to any conventional cars. As far as the cost is concerned, if there is some relaxation in charging the vehicle, the owner might get its return in a faster and economical way.

Source:- Hybrid Electric Vehicles by Chris Mi

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