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What’s new with Rivian?

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How will you feel if your car can just kneel for you to minimize that extra height you find odd to get out of the car?

Yeah right, it’s not just a man kneeling for you to have a surprise proposal but now Rivian introduce a new feature “kneel down mode”.

The new mode can lower the Rivian’s height by ten inches the drivers and passengers to get in and get out easily.

The features are available for R1T pickup or R1S SUV.

In September, Rivian rolled out a new feature, “Camp mode” to utilize the independent air suspension of the vehicles to level itself out for a comfortable space to lie down when in nature.

Camp mode also allows the owners to light the area with floodlights located in side mirrors. An over-the-air (OTA) update was activated again for Rivian to repurpose existing components for new uses.

Source:- Electrek

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