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What is the scenario of consumers in the electric vehicle market in Finland?

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The buyer or consumer as we call them holds an invisible force to drive any product or technology to have a future or become a past household name. Electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, though showing a promising future to achieve a sustainable environment and control the CO2 emission and reduce it to a sustainable limit, still the demand in Finland is considered to be fluctuating.

After all, the world runs on money and if the cost is less in the long term then only switching to new technology makes an exceptional viable choice.

If the cost of gasoline fuel is expensive then going for an electrical driver car makes sense but if the fuel price drops then I guess hybrid plays a good role. Often, switching to a new car incorporates expenses even though incentives are provided but the challenge of buying a new car and replacing the comfortable one is not feasible for everyone.

As I see, the cost is a major factor playing a role in victimizing the electric vehicle supplier.

However, is it not possible to reverse the role by providing an affordable solution with the purchase of a new car for an old car or by offering the replacement of the traditional car with a hybrid or electric car at a discountable price.

Even though the awareness is created for a sustainable future to reduce the CO2 emission but how far are we following the scenario or is it just a trend that everyone would like to jump in and later on revealed as wastage of resources.

More and more companies are coming up with new advancements in the battery, charging facility but how far the consumer or the real buyer for whom all the solutions are developed with new incentives are ready to consume and change for a better future with technology.

In my opinion, why not interact with the consumer more and more than what they want in an electric vehicle that can control the fluctuation of the market. Big international car manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan, or Ford also lack the capability of large negotiation and holds very little power in that area. As the battle is still present with replacing conventional cars with the new electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid cars but how far the consumers are going to support in this unknown zone of the future.

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