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Which companies are interested in solid-state batteries?

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Volkswagen with Quantum Scape

As oer Thomas Schmall, CEO of Volkswagen Group Components,

“We are making technological advances with our partner QuantumScape. The additional investment will sustainably strengthen and accelerate our joint development work.”

Since 2012, QuantumScape is working with the Volkswagen Group. According to Volkswagen group, a further investment of USD 200 million is in the process. In 2018, both companies jointly founded a venture for the production of solid-state batteries for Volkswagen.

“Volkswagen is spreading electromobility. A strong position in the field of batteries is a key factor in this,” says Frank Blome, head of the battery cell business area at Volkswagen Group Components. 

“We secure our worldwide supply with efficient suppliers, build up production capacities step by step and we drive the development of the solid cell technology of the future. Here we rely on long-term strategic partnerships.” VW sees the solid-state battery cell as the most promising approach for electromobility in the generation after next.

As per the information by the company, the range of e-Golf will be increased from 300 to around 750 kilometers with a solid-state battery.

Toyota wants solid-state batteries for 2025

In 2025, the Japanese group, Toyota wants a series of vehicles with solid-state batteries. BMW is a cooperation partner for Toyota in battery chemistry development. Even though both companies are focusing on lithium-ion batteries, Toyota wants the presence of solid-state batteries ready for its series production.


The French-Japanese auto alliance 2018 also invested in solid-state battery development. It is a billion-dollar investment announced by the accused and fugitive ex-boss, Carlos Ghosn.

Source:- Automotor sport

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