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Terra Motors in India

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Terra Motors is a well-known 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers electric vehicle company from Japan. The company founder is Toru Tokushige and also the chairman of the company. Akihiro Ueda is the CEO of the Terra Motors. He is also the managing director for the Indian branch. It was founded in April 2010. The capital value of the company is 1Mil USD.

Terra Motors started its operation in India in 2014. The first plant in Kolkata was set up in 2017 and in 2018, the 2nd plant in Guwahati. Till now the company got its presence in 14 Indian states.

The Terra Motors Ecosystem for emobility includes:- Smart City infrastructure, a Charging station with clean energy, Digital Payment, a Micro logistic Platform, and an electric vehicle with EV2w, EV3w, and EV4w. They are also involved in sharing platforms such as Finance, Insurance, and Smart City infrastructure.

Some of the Terra Motors models are:- SAMURAI DX, E-Auto, Pace-E cargo, Rizin PRO, Samurai (SS), X1, and Y4A.

At the recent 14th EVExpo in Kolkata, Terra Motors showcased some of its products in EV2W as well as EV3w. You can also see Akihiro Ueda, CEO (of Terra Motors)

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The live video EV3w and EV2w,

The company is no doubt a big name at the 14th EV expo. They are not just launching one or two products, but in every segment, the Terra motors have expanded its reach in India. The presence shows a wide interest to make it a long-term market in the EV segments.

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The company got its local Indian competitors, however, the name and the years of experience in the EV segment add a rich value to its products. Altogether a different experience for the Indian customers.

Think about riding the Samurai EV3w to your near about places. Or to local grocery stores. Experiencing the Japanese art of engineering work in your own Indian market is definitely worth it.

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