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The Wroley Electric vehicle market

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The Wroley electric scooter founders are Ankit Agarwal, Sandeep Goyal, and Shubham Bansal. The manufacturing plant is located in Uttar Pradesh. The new startup launched its three different models – Platina, Posh, and Mars within a year.

As the company describes Wroley E-India:-

“ A cutting-edge concept designed to give you a seamless experience. We are working to create a sustainable environment for future generations with a robust lithium-ion battery and a 15-degree grade ability to give you an effortless riding experience. The pleasant ride offered with reverse mode and anti-theft sensors.”

The company is focused on eco-friendly, cost-effective methods and the use of Lithium-ion batteries.

At a recent 15th EV Expo event held in Kolkata, the company showcased its three powerful and stylish E-scooters. The photos for all the three E-Scooters and also a live demonstration of replacing the E-scooter battery:-

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The market price of Wroley Mars is starting from Rs.74,900. It is launched in 4 different colours with a 60V/30 amp lithium-ion battery. The charging time is 4 hours and covers almost 90 km in a single charge.

The easy way to replace the battery.
The look of Posh
Platina and Posh model

The market price of Wroley Posh is starting from Rs. 78,900 in 6 different colours. The market price of Wroley Platina is starting from Rs.76,400 in 6 different colours. The rest of the specification with the battery and distance coverage is the same as Mars.

The company offers a warranty of up to 40 thousand km on the battery.

In my opinion, all the three models are within the budget price with a good amount of distance being covered. With the battery being charged within 4 hours of your time and the technical specification of the lithium-ion battery is just apt for any E-scooters for an eco-friendly drive. It does provide you ample amount of opportunity.

Even though it is in the startup phase, the E-scooters are launched in different colors and provide you ample opportunity to choose the color that suits you better in all three different categories. Let’s see, if the after-sale support is all the best for the customers to avail all the best benefits.

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