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Which top 10 European countries are with the highest electric car sales in 2019?

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As the world is combating with deadly coronavirus, but somehow it provided the atmosphere to get cleaned and provide a clear sky and water canals. So, where are we now? The top countries in sales of an electric cars in 2019.

The issue with climate change is dangerous, in the latest update with climate change scenario, we can see snow fall in Spain after a decade in January and somehow in other parts of the world, the climate is warming up.

So, should we be afraid of such drastic changes in the climate or should we find a solution to reduce the drastic changes that we are facing and the untimely issues surrounding the world?

Europe is one of the strongest countries with strong currency values, and very much ahead in-game to embrace SDGs, but how far are the European countries in the case of electric cars and the sales in 2019.

Sales of electric cars (2019)

As the survey result shows, Germany is one of the top contenders among the European countries to be moving ahead in the race of electric cars.

The sales of electric cars are definitely increasing, but countries embrace the situation more in numbers depends upon the charging station and the availability of lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells.

Source:- ACEA; Statista.

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