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What models Toyota are offering as Hybrid Electric Vehicles?

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The race to capture the HEV market by the different manufacturer is something an unknown zone. Nobody knows who survives the cut-throat competitions and make a sustainable mark for a long term till the next new ideas. Toyota models offered in Hybrid electric vehicle are definitely a class among the other electric vehicles.

No doubt, one of the biggest advantages for the existing players is the availability of capital. The financial means are something that provides them the extra bold and courage to go forward with any risky adventure and explore a new horizon, even with the risk of being a failure.

Toyota models in Hybrid electric vehicle

However, the right skill and the knowledge is something the existing player need to invest in a rightful manner. The right amount of investment with new models or renovating the old segment. The scenario provides a transition of some existing knowledge and skills to new organizations or other companies.

The manufacturer Toyota, launched three different categories of models, Prius, Camry, and Highlander. The HEV price for Prius is US$ 22 800, the HEV MPG (Miles per gallon) in City is 51 and in Highway, it is 48 for Toyota Prius.

In 1997, Toyota produced the first mass-marketed modern HEV, the Prius which exceeded the sale to 1 million units in 2009. The HEV price for Camry is $26 400, HEV MPG for Toyota Camry in City is 33 and in Highway, it is 34. And the HEV price for Highlander is US$ 34 900, the HEV MPG for Toyota Highlander in City is 27 and in Highway, it is 25.

The technology used in any of the Toyota brands including the Camry hybrid, the highlander hybrid, and the Lexus brand hybrids is the same. A set of planetary gears are used for the realization of the continuous variable transmission (CVT).

During the normal operation, the vehicle speed is determined by the ring gear speed while the generator speed is controlled so that the engine speed is in an optimum efficiency range. The only difference noticed in the Highlander and the Lexus brand hybrids is the availability of the third motor at the rear wheel.

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