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What Volvo is planning in the battery development production?

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Volvo along with Northvolt in collaboration opened up a EUR 2.9 billion project. The production facility will be in Gothenburg and to be operational from 2025 onwards.

The strategy is in line with the production and manufacturing of premium electric cars from 2030 onwards. The company is switching to fully electric vehicles.

The production of the next-generation battery cells for Volvo and Polestar models is scheduled to be in the new plant. The production capacity of the plant is designed up to 50 GWh per year, capable enough to manufacture half a million electric vehicles.

The focus of the new plant is on sustainable production with a new battery plant operating exclusively with fossil-free energy. The plant is focused mainly on renewable energy resources. The aim is also to improve the circular economy as well as resource efficiency.

Since the CO2 emission is largely due to the battery production even more than caused by an electric vehicle in the entire life cycle. However, the location of Gothenburg is quite apt as the plant is quite near to Volvo unit in Toslanda.

The plant is focused on renewable energy supply and the production house being near the proximity to European manufacturing facilities, Volvo cars and polestars supports in the reduction of the environmental footprint.

The joint venture is one of the largest collaborations in Europe. The venture is focusing on the technical aspects and profits that can be affordable to the customer such as customized batteries, longest ranges, and short charging time. The construction is majorly emphasizing becoming one of the massive leading suppliers in sustainable batteries.

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