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Which electric vehicle model is in demand in Germany?

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Germany known as the Auto industry hub with prominent and some of the strongest key players around the globe hold a position to be pioneered when it comes to new technology. As one of the developed countries, Germany is working on its long-term plan to switch to a lifestyle of sustainable livelihood not just in the usage but also in the mode of transportation.

As per a survey conducted by KBA, the number of new registration recorded in 2019 was 63,281 whereas in 2020 it dropped to 25,975. The effects of a pandemic cannot be neglected in the year 2020.

In another survey by KBA, the result indicated that 0.18% and 0.14% of the market share is with battery electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicle type indicated a rise in survey percentage as compared to 2018.

The below figure indicates which electric vehicle model is in demand among the Germans and got the highest new registration in 2019.

New registrations of electric cars
Source:- KBA

In my opinion, the numbers clearly indicate the choice of an electric vehicle is in demand and more number of Germans are interested to drive an electric vehicle. Not just the German manufacturer, but also manufacturers from different countries can be seen as a good competitor for the German electric market.

Source:- Statista

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